Harry Potter Exhibition

Last week, I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Cinemec in Utrecht. Though this is a book blog and the props on exhibit are technically part of the movies, I think we can all agree that Harry Potter is relevant enough. So, because I’ve been a little sparse with updating, I figured I’d write a post about my visit instead.

Anyway, upon entering the cinema, I immediately stumbled upon a very familiar sight:


Yes! The flying Ford Anglia from The Chamber of Secrets! I suppose it was only fitting for it to be parked outside of the exhibit. Before entering, there was also the opportunity to don a cloak and scarf and pick a wand to have your picture taken, but I felt this was a little expensive (and I didn’t like my face on this picture anyway).

Upon entering the exhibit, there was a little introduction film. Eventually, someone showed up with the sorting hat and some of the visitors had the opportunity to be sorted in one of Hogwart’s houses after answering a couple of questions (what is your favourite book? What is your favourite character? Why?). Naturally, I was sorted in Slytherin.

After the sorting ceremony, someone showed up with a lantern and the Hogwarts train became visible. For the rest of the exhibit, you were pretty much free to wander wherever, but I felt this was a nice introduction!

The exhibit itself was split into different sections not necessarily in chronological order of the books/movies: Gryffindor, teachers, Forbidden Forest, dark magic, Quidditch, Hogwarts dining hall, and so on. I really liked the way the different sections were presented, because each section had its own atmosphere. They also played with lightning and sound effects to further present a mood. The Forbidden Forest actually smelled like a forest (and had some smoke effects going on). I also liked the sheer variety in items: there were costumes, props, but even items part of the decor. When displaying items related to Umbridge, for example, it was on a backdrop reminiscent of her sickingly pink office. Some parts of the exhibit were interactive as well: you could sit in Hagrid’s chair, and you could pull out the Mandrakes from their pots.

I’ll share some pictures here to give you an impression of the exhibition. It by no means includes everything, but it should give you a bit of an impression of what to expect. Hit the “read more” below to see them!

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