Welcome to my bookish lair, my place on the internet to ramble about books! This blog will mainly focus on genre fiction (fantasy/sci-fi), though the occasional classic, contemporary literature, young adult fiction, graphic novel, or art book might pop up regardless. Expect reviews and other book-related things.


The Woman Behind the Curtain

I’m Samantha, a recently graduated student of English literature and book seller. I’m 31 years old and I live in a tiny village in the Netherlands. In my spare time, I also write and proofread for AniWay, a Dutch magazine about Japanese popculture. As you might have gathered from the blurb above, I love genre fiction (especially fantasy), but I also enjoy plenty of other types of fiction. Classics? Contemporary literture? Young adult? I’m pretty much open to nearly all genres because I firmly believe in the notion of keeping things varied. Nonetheless, I especially have a soft spot for Arthurian fiction and dragons. Especially dragons.

My love for books stems from my appreciation for amazing stories in any form. I already loved getting immersed in my favourite books since childhood, and even after over two decades little has changed. In addition to books, playing video games is also a loved hobby of mine due to its interactive form of storytelling and characterization. I often indulge in watching the occasional movie, tv-series, or anime as well, as long as I find the story and/or characters appealing. Other hobbies include drawing and taking walks with my dog Tali — an adorable yet cheeky furball, by the way!

Why Bookish Villainy?

A story is often as good as its villain. The bad guy (or girl) is the driving force behind the plot, and I’ve always felt a certain fascination with these characters and whatever motivated them to do what they did. They’re often flawed but driven, sometimes tragic, but nearly always interesting and compelling. It has kind of become a running gag among friends that my favourite characters are usually the morally ambiguous if not deplorable, which eventually lead to my internet nickname: chronicvillainy (thank you, TVTropes!). For my book blog, I’ve decided to use a variation of my online handle.

I’m also a proud Slytherin, though my ambition primarily lies in getting through my endless TBR pile and video game backlog.

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